Mount Washington Auto Road, Gorham NH

Racer Check-in 



  Friday, June 15th 4:00pm - 7:30pm  
  Saturday, June 16th 6:30am - 8:00am  

Hint: Saturday morning is a busy morning with the inevitable traffic jam of support vehicles trying to arrive on time and leave the base of the road before the strict 8:00AM cut off.  Despite the fact that race morning check-in is open until 8:00am, waiting until this time to pick up your bib and transfer your "Auto Pass" to your support driver could result in your driver not getting through the Toll House by cutoff time and ultimately result in your NOT having transportation back to the base after the event. Plan accordingly! Arrive early!


Check-in will be hosted under a large white event tent, located at the base of the Auto Road. For directions >>

The field surrounding the event tent serves as the parking area for the event (parking for Friday night check-in is less stringent than on race morning). Please read the comprehensive parking guide and highly consider printing the associated material for your support driver.

at check-in; no exceptions. You are not permitted to pick up racer packets on behalf of friends or family members, nor will you be allowed to access another racer's "Auto Pass." Please read our policy on Unregistered Runners to understand the extent of our policies.


The race bibs for the Mount Washington Road Race are designed with (3) removable tickets across the bottom; “Lunch”, “Ice Cream” and “Auto Pass”.  These tickets CAN NOT be replaced if lost.


These tickets are removable for a reason! It is essential that you remove the “Auto Pass” ticket (see yellow highlight above) from your bib and give it to your support driver prior to their departure from the base.  Please remember that your support driver is required to have at least (2) Auto Passes to access the Auto Road on race morning, and he/she will be charged based on the number of Auto Passes presented at the time of ascent; it is imperative that you transfer your Auto Pass to your support driver in advance of their arrival at the Toll House. 

For more on support driving>>


Hart’s Turkey Farm will be providing the the post race meal that we've had the privlege of enjoying for many years. (1) "Lunch" ticket comes attached to your race bib (see above). You will be required to present this ticket at lunch time in order to receive your meal; again, this ticket cannot be replaced if misplaced or lost.

Hint: Additional tickets are available for purchase in the online race merchandise store for a limited time, (to allow us to confirm a final number with the caterer). If your family and friends are planning to accompany you to the post race meal, you should purchase their tickets in advance; this is the only way to guarantee lunch for your guests. Tickets will be available on race day in very limited quantities; please plan accordingly.


Registered participants receive a commemorative racer t-shirt as part of their registration packet.  These will be available for pick-up at registration directly after you are handed your race number. PLEASE make sure that you receive your race t-shirt at this time, as you will not be able to receive a complimentary t-shirt after you have completed check-in. NO shirts will be available after check-in closes at 8:00AM on the day of the race, nor will they be available for shipment post-event.